Become AABB-Accredited: Transfusion Services

Why AABB Accreditation?

  • 1 in 12 hospital patients receive a transfusion. Maintaining the highest quality standards is critical for patient outcomes and mitigating potentially costly risks.
  • Insurance companies, referring physicians and patients themselves look to AABB Accreditation as the gold standard for patient care and safety in blood and biotherapies.
  • AABB Accreditation helps to establish routines and codify decision making, reducing errors and providing staff the tools they need to navigate unexpected events.
  • AABB’s accreditation process helps continually evolve and positively influence quality in every aspect of your facility’s transfusion medicine services.
  • Close interaction with our member experts and federal agencies affords AABB a unique position from which to represent and support our member institutions, including in providing timely, easy-to-understand updates on regulatory changes, compliance issues, emerging risks and more.

Learn more about the accreditation process, including accreditation phases and expectations, and steps to become accredited.

Hospitals performing transfusion services may become AABB-Accredited for one or more of the following accreditation activities:

  • Transfusion Activity*
  • Transfusion Apheresis and/or Autologous Activity
  • Perioperative Activity
  • Donor Center- Hospital Blood Bank

*AABB can be the CLIA provider for facilities accredited in this activity

Other facilities may become AABB-Accredited for transfusion services via the Standards for Out-of-Hospital Transfusion.

The AABB Standards for a Patient Blood Management Program provide the basis for the internationally recognized Patient Blood Management Certification offered by The Joint Commission and AABB.

View AABB-Accredited Transfusion Services Facilities

Featured AABB-Accredited Facility: Corniche Hospital

Corniche HospitalCorniche Hospital, part of Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) is the UAE’s largest tertiary Women & Newborn hospital and a leading referral center for Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Neonatal care.

The Blood Transfusion Service performs approximately 2,500 crossmatches per year and transfuses approximately 1,500 red blood cell units per year. Half of the transfused units are typically used in the treatment of neonatal patients.

“Gaining AABB accreditation represents a milestone in our pursuit of excellence and commitment to quality, while always maintaining the high professional standards of our hospital.”

- Clifford Stamp, Blood Bank Laboratory Supervisor, Corniche Hospital.

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