Become AABB-Accredited: Relationship (DNA) Testing

AABB Accreditation is widely-recognized as the gold standard in relationship testing.

Why AABB Accreditation?

  • AABB is the only Relationship Testing accrediting body with standards that provide formulae, interpretation and guidance for calculation of parentage and kinship relationships.
  • As a global accrediting organization, AABB’s standards are often incorporated into other organizations’ standards.
  • Many U.S. statutes require AABB accreditation for legal relationship tests and U.S. federal agencies require AABB accreditation for DNA testing performed for immigration and visa applications.
  • AABB Accreditation and Standards bring expertise in parentage and familial relationship calculations, reducing the risk of incorrect reporting of a relationship.
  • Attaining AABB Accreditation signifies your facility is adhering to the highest levels of quality, and increases consumer and stakeholder confidence.

Learn more about the accreditation process, including accreditation phases and expectations, and steps to become accredited.

FAQs for Facilities Seeking Accreditation in Relationship

Additional Resources for RT Facilities

AABB accredits Relationship (DNA) Testing facilities via the Standards for Relationship Testing Laboratories, including those providing:

  • Parentage and Relationship DNA testing*
    • Including Forensics and Investigative Genetic Genealogy testing
  • DNA Collection and Verification

* USCIS, Passport Agencies, and U.S. Embassies will only accept DNA Test results when the case is initiated by, and reported directly from, a laboratory or collection and verification site accredited by AABB for relationship testing activities.

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